Molecular Diagnostic Assays

Molecular biology-based diagnostic tools enhance the ability of researchers to accelerate analytical tasks in drug development, gene therapy and analysis.

Integrating microstructures in tools enables simultaneous analysis of millions of cells, acquisition of enormous amounts of data in minutes, and identification of biomarkers. At the heart of such micro-structures is a precision-manufactured micro-assay device based on MEMS technology.

CMOS post-processing and integration allows for more extensive and flexible capabilities. Next-generation integrated BioMEMS can service new applications, such as the screening of the acute and chronic effects of nanomaterials, such as nanotoxicity and bioactivity, in real-time.

Implantable MEMS

Use biosensors, microelectrodes, and microtools for miniaturized on-site surgery and drug delivery systems.

  • Multi-sensor arrays for biomonitoring
  • Micro-reservoir arrays for drug delivery
  • Biocompatible materials for long-term applications

Other MEMS Applications

Teledyne MEMS is committed to innovation, developing new sensing technologies to serve areas like the rapid growth in diverse industries from microfluidic devices for cancer research and implantable medical devices to optical cross-connects for telecom, gyros in game controllers, and pressure and inertial sensors for automotive applications.

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