MEMS Etching

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Etch processes are fundamental to MEMS and microfabrication. Teledyne MEMS’ development team has broad experience in numerous selective-etch techniques in both dry and wet processes.

Deep Reactive Ion Etch (DRIE)

DRIE (Deep Reactive Ion Etch)Teledyne MEMS has created proven processes for heat-sensitive membrane and mirror-release etching processes, as well as vacuum tape bonding for through-wafer etches.

  • High aspect ratio (up to 50:1 aspect ratio, sidewall angle 89.5° to 89.8° and etch rate up to 16 µm/min, etch depths < 1µm to > 1000 µm)
  • Positive profile and isotropic etching
  • Heat-sensitive membrane etch
  • Mirror release etch
  • Through-wafer etch
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Reactive Ion Etch (RIE)

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  • Silicon, quartz, oxide, nitride, polysilicon, oxynitride, Ti, TiW, Nb
  • Wafer edge protection for KOH/TMAH mask etch layers
  • Deep trench oxide etch (up to 10:1 aspect ratio)

Wet etching – metal/glass

  • Silicon isotropic etching (depth control of target ± ~3 µm)
  • Glass isotropic etching from 0.4 µm to 300 µm (depth control of ± 0.2 µm on a 16 µm etch, glass CD: 90 µm ± 3 µm )
  • HF oxide sacrificial etch
  • Liftoff process
  • Critical point dryer
  • Thin film etching: metals and dielectrics
  • Standard wet cleaning processes: acids, bases and solvents
  • Advanced wet processes: spin etcher, megasonic and recirculating baths
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Teledyne MEMS Capabilities

We blend MEMS applications experts together with process performance champions to design process flows for robust, cost-effective fabrication to match customer requirements. Our project teams strive for deep insights to their customers’ needs and close communications throughout the relationship.

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